System Contents

Urine Collection Tubes

Used to collect and store urine.

Paper Cup

Makes pouring urine sample into Collection Tubes easier.

Styrofoam Block

Helps prevent leaks and spills, also protects the urine Collection Tubes.

Plastic Pouch

Protects against leaks from Urine Collection Tubes.

Absorbent Packet

Guards against and absorbs, leaks and/or spills from Urine Collection Tubes.

Prepaid Mailer

Used for shipping and protection of sample, and has a place for you to record the date you collected the sample.

Identification Number

Identifies the urine sample.

Instruction Booklet

9 page educational Instruction Booklet Currently in English & Spanish.

Pledge and Consent Form

FDA approved Drug Free Pledge with child and parent voulentary consent form.